Elder Rock Petite Syrah 2013

Elder Rock Petite SyrahPurchased from World Market, $14.99

Vivino Rating 

Aaron: Charcoal on the nose set the tone for a consistently earthy bottle.  The black granite flavor was a bit chalky with a few red fruits, mostly raspberry.   A hint of oak and velvety vanilla rounded this out a bit but rock was the predominant feature.  89 points

Teri: This is a hearty red that would stand up well with rich sauces, red meat, and cheeses. I tasted mostly rich spicy and oaky flavors with dark plum and smooth oak on the finish. Noticeable tannins add to the body of the wine and lay down smooth leaving beautiful flavors without harshness on the swallow. 91 points 


Palette Ridge Old Vine Zinfandel 2012

Palette Ridge Old Vine Zinfandel 2012Lot 18, $15.33

Palette Ridge on Wine Searcher

Aaron:  This was awesome!  Light brown tree bark and some black olives on the intriguing nose with full, rich flavors of vanilla and blueberry.  This was very drinkable and while warming on the swallow was not harsh at all. Well worth $15! 93 points

Teri: This old vine zinfandel is easy to drink but still provides a full round flavor. Older vines, like this one, bring out smooth flavors of juicy plum, white pepper, and blackberry. The time in the barrel also yields undertones of oak throughout. I found the vanilla and blackberry nose pleasant and overall a bottle that is easy to enjoy. 89 points 

Ojas Red Blend 2014

Ojas Red Blend 2014Lot 18, $19.99

New York Times Wine Club Notes

Aaron: This featured a dusty, dark tree bark smell with some light cocoa butter.  The flavor was a bit too dull for me and I tasted most of it on the back of my throat rather than the front of my mouth. There was a bit of metal and some berries but I didn’t sense a lot going on.  88 points

Teri: I don’t expect too much from red blends, but this one I found unique and tasty! Flavors of chocolate covered cherries, dark cranberry, and some banana on the finish yield a smooth medium body wine with complex enjoyable flavors. Flavors of oak provide bookends for the wine, noticeable in the nose and on the lingering finish.  91 points 

Oatra Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Ostra Sauvignon BlancLot 18, $18.99

Ostra Sav Blanc on Cellar Tracker 

Aaron: Toasted cedar and nutmeg flowered into a hint of brown sugar on the nose of this white.  The flavor was mild and mellow, light but not watered down, and featured a good balance of fruit and nuts.  This wasn’t sweet, nor was it dull.  I felt it was overall a pretty solid wine with some apricot and melon flavors which would compliment most foods.  91 points

Teri: I found this wine different and interesting. The smell of lemongrass and cantaloupe on the nose is a little misleading because the flavors I tasted within the bottle were quite different. Within the wine, I tasted chestnut, lemon, sage, and some stone fruit. Overall the flavors sit wonderfully in the middle of your palate and there is a nice balance between herb and fruit flavors. This wine is not overwhelming in fruity flavors (so if that is what you like, you may want to stay away from this one) but rich in flavor overall. I wonderful bottle to try and one I would enjoy again. 90 points 


Chateau Agnel 2014

Chateau Angel 2014Vivino App Ratings

Received from Splash Wines 

Aaron: This featured some really nice berries with a fruit forward nose and subtle greens.  The flavor explodes with bourbon vanilla and rich cocoa powder.  A round, mellow, rich, and full mouthfeel make for a great all-around wine.  92 points

Teri: If you like oaky French wines, this would be a good bottle to try. The wine smells of oak and forest berries with a medium body taste of  grassy blueberry and cedar raspberries with structured tannins. Full and flavorful but richer on the oak tones vs. fruit. 88 points 


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