The Rogue Wave Pinot Blanc 2014

img_0290Lot 18, $14.99/bottle

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Aaron: This white featured a mellow, soft nose which was hard to make out.  Mostly lemon and vanilla on the flavor with a hint of macadamia nuts.  This was bit too tart for my liking but had a fuller flavor than most whites which I enjoyed.  88 points

Teri: I first noticed the extremely slow legs on this wine, indicating a good body for a white wine. Flavors of peach and toasted almonds mirror its smell of creamy honeydew and peach. An underlying flavor of oak and mineral was present throughout and lingered on the finish. This bottle would pair nicely with white sauces and buttery fish. 90 points 

Sola Chardonnay 2014

Sola ChardonnayWorld Market, $14.99

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Aaron:  This had a nice nose which wasn’t too bright and featured mostly dull melon.  I liked the vanilla flavors mixed with some light bark and white berries.  Overall the taste sat well on the palate.   90 points

Teri: This was a smooth, easy to drink Chardonnay. The nose smelled of vanilla lemon and cantaloupe cream while the body of the wine carried flavors of warm creamy butter with lemon, toasted almond and balanced out with mineral tastes on the finish. 89 points 

Le Coq Bleu Cotes du Rhone 2014

img_0259Lot 18, $20/bottle

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Aaron: Light blueberry nose with lots of floral, violet undertones.  The flavor was mostly light berries with some leafy green branches which added some complexity but it wasn’t very ‘interesting’.  This is a lighter bodied wine if you don’t want something too full.  88 points

Teri: This Cotes du Rhone blends together flavors of cherry, herbs, and minerals with underlying hints of oak from start to finish. You will smell red berries and pepper on the nose, paralleled by similar pepper and oak on the finish. Smooth tannins and good body with flavors that will stand up to meat dishes and red sauces. 88 points 


Airfield Estates Lightning 2013

Airfield Estates Lightning Purchased from Airfield tasting room, $18

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Aaron: VERY buttery smell but not overpowering.  There was tons of cream on this white blend with almond and olive oil breaking through as well.  I felt this was extremely enjoyable, full, and rich.  92 points

Teri: If you love buttery chardonnays you will want to try this. The white blend starts with a creamy vanilla smell that blends into a whipped cream and buttery mouthful of vanilla bean, honeydew, and almond. Still on the dry side, this wine is packed with scrumptious flavors within a pleasant medium to light body and smooth tannins. 90 points 


Elder Rock Petite Syrah 2013

Elder Rock Petite SyrahPurchased from World Market, $14.99

Vivino Rating 

Aaron: Charcoal on the nose set the tone for a consistently earthy bottle.  The black granite flavor was a bit chalky with a few red fruits, mostly raspberry.   A hint of oak and velvety vanilla rounded this out a bit but rock was the predominant feature.  89 points

Teri: This is a hearty red that would stand up well with rich sauces, red meat, and cheeses. I tasted mostly rich spicy and oaky flavors with dark plum and smooth oak on the finish. Noticeable tannins add to the body of the wine and lay down smooth leaving beautiful flavors without harshness on the swallow. 91 points 


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