Ghost Pines Merlot 2009

Purchased from BevMo, $12-13
Aaron:  I was very fond of this merlot.  When I first started merlots were pretty much all I drank because I found them to be fruitier and easier to palate (without tasting like watered down grape juice).  I had gotten away from them recently but was interested in this one because of its “milk chocolate” claim (yay for marketers talking up their wines).  Regardless, I found the richness and smooth finish very appealing and highly recommend this as a casual wine that most people can agree upon.  90 points

Teri: I have to agree with Aaron’s option of this wine and found it to be rich in both a pleasant nose and taste. Ghost Pines makes its wines slightly different by using grapes from vineyards in different regions (aka AVA’s) and the result is a complex and stimulating wine. The nose was light but carried an enjoyable mix of red fruits and a hint of vanilla. The taste was long and smooth with flavors of dark berries and a hint of mocha. This wine is sure to be a favorite for any occasion and at around 12 dollars a bottle from BevMo you don’t have to splurge. 91 points


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