Radius Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Teri: This wine contained a very light nose with a hint of red fruits and a slight smell of acid but the taste made up for it. Flavors of strawberry and raspberry come forward strongly on the palate with a slight hint of chocolate. The finish is VERY smooth with a slight jam taste that lingers in your mouth. Only around 7 to 9 dollars a bottle I would buy this bottle again and enjoy it with meats, pasta dishes with red sauces, or even a nice hearty bowl of soup. 78 points 
Aaron: I was pleasantly surprised by this wine.  For the price, I’d recommend it any day.  Nice smooth fruity flavors filled the mouth and the finish was soft with a jammy lingering.  A glass of Radius is perfect for those people who are just getting accustomed to wine drinking, or seasoned professionals who are drinking only to taste.  I would buy it again and bring it to a party where I wasn’t quite sure of the tasting abilities of the attendees.
80 points

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