Rombauer Zinfandel 2009

Purchased from Rombauer, Napa for $35 (you can find this in wine stores from 27-40 dollars a bottle)
Aaron:  This is my absolute favorite wine (of all those I’ve tasted).  The strong, fruity flavor overwhelms the mouth and stands up to most meat-heavy dishes (my personal preference), however the finish is smooth and lasting.  The lack of harshness is what really does it for me; while other strong varietals like syrahs etc, have a hint of burn on the aftertaste.  Personally, if I want a burn I’ll drink a single malt scotch, so this wine is perfect for me!  The dark fruit flavors are very pleasant and there is a strong jammy flavor throughout the palate.  Honestly, I don’t particularly care for overly sweet wines, however the thickness of the flavor is really special.  97 points    
Teri: If you normally don’t like Zinfandel’s don’t skip this one over. It contains a mild nose but the flavor is full of dark berries and floral nodes. It also contains a hint of sweetness and a slight strawberry jab flavor that stays on your tongue, like a very mild port but without the harsh kick or brandy flavor. The flavor stays on your palate standing up to any meal you want to pair it with. It goes especially well with red meats and hearty meals. This bottle, priced a little on the higher side, might not be one you have a budget to purchase every day but if you are looking for a nice bottle for a special occasion this one is a great choice. 93 points 


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