Beringer Chardonnay 2010

Purchased from Costco in a two-pack. Original price estimated between $10-15 dollars.

Aaron: Overall, this is an easy-to-drink white that is perfect for bringing to a party or serving for people who may be new to wine drinking.  It goes down very easy and is crisp and light.  It’s not overly complex and doesn’t have a lot of flavor in my opinion, but that makes it perfect for casual drinking.  I found myself drinking this wine and swallowing immediately rather than letting is settle to savor the flavors; this is partly a function of its simplicity, but is the reason I would recommend it when going to a party. 80 Points

Teri: This Chardonnay is light and crisp and would be perfect on a hot day or paired with spicy foods. It contains flavors of pear, apple, and lemon and leaves the palate feeling refreshed. Not my personal favorite but would be an easy starter for those new to wine. 74 points


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