Coppola Chardonnay (Rosso & Bianco) 2009

Brought over by a friend. Can find this label at most liquor/grocery stores, $10-15 dollars.
Total Wine & More, $7.99

Aaron: I was pleasantly surprised with this white.  I generally prefer reds and was happy to enjoy the lingering finish.  If asked, I would describe this wine as moderate and mellow.  It was much fuller than expected which improved its rating but overall I can’t say that it stood out beyond anything I’ve ever had. 80 points

Teri: I have always been a fan of the Coppola label. A friend of mind, remembering that I had mentioned this fact years ago, brought this bottle over for dinner. I had not had a white made by the Coppola label and this Chardonnay was quite favorable. It is part of their Rosso & Bianco, specialty wines made for everyday enjoyment. The smell was a mix of butter, vanilla and pear. The taste contained a gentle balance of a slight butter flavor mixed with a taste of crisp citrus and green apple. I could also taste some vanilla and a slight hint of oak. The finish was long and smooth, sometimes quite uncommon for white wines, and I the mix of flavors would accompany almost any occasion. 81 points


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