Cupcake Chardonnay

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $7.47 (you can also find for similar prices at Costco, Target, and many other grocery/liquor stores)

Aaron: I thoroughly enjoyed this white.  This was the third of three chardonnays we tried in a single night and it definitely stood out as the most impressive to me.  There was a buttery smooth consistency as the wine melted into my mouth and I felt that it was surprisingly full-bodied.  I did not get as many fruit flavors as I expected but the warmth of gentle butterscotch was perfect for an after-dinner glass.  I was also surprised to sense a hint of a bite on the finish; not to say it was harsh, but I was pleasantly reminded that I was still drinking alcohol.  85 points

Teri: If you are looking for a white wine that will win over novice and semi-experienced wine drinkers for any group occasion, this one is it. Despite its feminine looking and sounding label the wine inside can be an easy favorite of both men and women alike. It it definitely leans more towards the “buttery” side of a Chardonnay with strong warm flavors of butterscotch and vanilla and finishes with a lingering crisp finish and a slight taste of citrus. The aroma is also very pleasant. I could smell a lot of the vanilla and butterscotch even before the taste. This is sure to be a crowd favorite before, during, or after dinner. Pair it with rich flavors to complement its “buttery” nature or enjoy it on its own. 89 points



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