Autumn Flight Barbera 2010

Bottle purchased from J&J Cellars in Paso Robles, $10 bottle or $60 case

Teri: This bottle is produced by J&J Cellars in Paso Robles and features barbera varietal, a grape commonly used for blending especially in Chianti. This was the first time I had tried a barbera and the taste was quite distinct. This wine carries a distinct cranberry flavor with a nice even rich taste and a hint of spice. The flavor would pair well with red pastas, spicy dishes, and savory meals.  Being an inexpensive varietal, we ended up purchasing a case to have as a nice daily wine and to share with friends. Everyone we have shared this bottle with has liked and enjoyed it. 87 points

Aaron: When we first tasted this, we were pretty impressed at the drinkability for the price.  We recently tried two bottles from a case we had bought and noticed that there were some dissimilarities.  The first bottle had a strong sense of cranberry throughout.  Overall, that was the prominent flavor and made the wine tangy. When we opened the second bottle a few days later, there was no cranberry flavor, but luscious red fruits that permeated a sweet, savory flavor.  There was certainly more complexity in this second bottle and it was thoroughly enjoyable.  The key to this wine is its flexibility; I could easily pair this with most meat and chicken dishes and not make anyone mad – that’s important when serving large parties.  So my verdict: this is perfect for dinner parties, especially if you have a large crowd and need a reasonably priced, satisfying bottle that will keep everyone happy. 88 points


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