Wilson Creek Almond Champagne

Bottle can be purchased from most wine and spirits retailers, $15-17
Teri: This is a classic favorite for most women. The champagne is easy to drink with a crisp dry forward flavor and a sweet almond taste. Pop open a bottle for special occasions, pair with dessert, or just for personal enjoyment. Bring this to a party or give it as a gift. This bottle is extremely versatile. 93 points

Aaron:  This is a chick drink, so it tastes pretty good.  If you want to win points with a nice girl, use this.  The flavor is sweet, yes there is an almond hint, but if you don’t like almonds, don’t be turned away.  The bubbles are nice and the glass goes down smoothly.  I would highly recommend this for people who aren’t ready for a Brut but still want that romantic atmosphere.  89 points


3 thoughts on “Wilson Creek Almond Champagne

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