Jack London (Kenwood) Syrah 2007

Introduced to this bottle by a good friends. Price range $16-24 available from most wine retailers.

Aaron:  I was very surprised with this wine!  I haven’t had many syrahs lately because I have lost interest in the peppery and spicy flavors that typically characterizes these vintages.  I was surprised that this bottle had little to no pepper whatsoever.  The nose is generally where I first sense these flavors and this smell was mild without much going on.  I did taste a slight fruitiness but that dissapated quickly.  The finish was mild and flexible without too much bite, but it also lacked flavor.  I would label this as a syrah for non-syrah drinkers. 80 points

Teri: This is the first Syrah I have tried that I absolutely love! The nose is a little mellow but the flavor is outstanding. It it easily drinkable with a strong but smooth finish with hints of dark cherry and oak. We were drinking this with an appetizer that contained serrano and jalipano peppers with cream cheese and the flavors paired perfectly. Great for spicy foods. 90 points


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