Zamarro Malbec-Bonarda 2009

Purchased from Albertson’s, $3.99

Aaron:  I bought this on a whim to see if we were to the point where we could tell the difference between a $4 and $15 bottle.  I didn’t tell Teri how much it cost so her tasting could be completely blind – her rating should tell you something.  Personally, I smelled unripened berries that gave a spicy zing to the nostrels.  That said, when I tasted the flavors, there was no pepper as I savored the wine; it was not until the swallow that a peppery spice came through.  I could expect some of this because of the varietal, but I also credit some of that to the quality.  One thing I was happy to find was a consistent fruit flavor.  I did not sense any earthy or woody tones, strictly fruit.  While this evidenced its limited complexity, I enjoyed the nice medium body.  Overall, I was pretty impressed with this.  I generally love malbecs and am excited to explore more Argentinian and Chilean wines.  Especially for the price, this is a winner. 87 points

Teri: Argentina has started to produce some great wines, especially malbec’s. This one was a 50/50 blend with a varietal I hadn’t tried before, bonarda. True to a malbec this wine carries dark fruits and oak in the nose and full bodied flavors of strawberry, blackberry, oak, and faint musk. The end lingers with a slight tart taste. For the price this wine is a great choice for a low budget. 88 points


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