Valley of the Moon Pinot Noir 2009

Introduced to this bottle by good friends. Can be found at most wine retailers. Price range $13-19

Aaron:  This is one of my new favorite pinot noirs … and I’m not a pinot guy.  The nose was very light and gentle however as soon as I took a sip I experienced a nice, medium bodied, relatively complex wine with mild tannins.  I enjoyed the red fruits and a unique flavor that I felt mirrored a pear or green apple.  The finish was slightly acidic but it complemented the flavor due to the mild sweetness. 85 points

Teri: Beautiful pinot noir from the carneros valley. Medium bodied with smooth tannins. The flavor is light then bursts with strawberry, raspberry and a light vanilla and oak finish. This wine pairs well with pork and sweet or savory dishes. 92 points


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