Cocobon Red Wine 2010

Trader Joes: $6.99

Aaron:  Wow … I was so impressed with this blend from start to finish!  A lot of people may criticize blends – and honestly I’m not normally a fan – but this was fantastic.  The nose was sharp but sublte with only the faintest hint of berries.  As I’ve come to find, my nose generally has nothing to do with my palate and it was never more true than at the first sip of this Cocobon.  The soft, mild tannins were completely overpowered by the luscious flavors of vanilla and chocolate.  This powerful combination then melted into a blueberry finish with just a hint of bite to help the flavor linger on in the mouth.  If I had to put one word to this blend: drinkable.   94 points

Teri: This is an amazing buy from Trader Joes. This red wine carries a complexity to please most wine drinkers with a price that will fit almost any budget. The smell carries dark raspberries with vanilla and the flavor is even better. At first you taste a rich full flavor of red fruits then it moves to rich vanilla and smooth coco flavors with a smooth finish. Share it with friends of enjoy it yourself. This bottle should please a majority of wine drinkers.  92 points