Cline Pinot Noir 2009

Total Wine & More, $12.99

Aaron:  Teri had me blind taste this pinot – probably because she knows I generally don’t like pinots and she wanted to see if she could trick me into giving it a super high rating!  The only thing I sensed on the nose (though I’ve never had the best sense of flavors when it comes to that) was oaky bark.  I was somewhat confused by the flavor because I consistently tasted passionfruit.  After I let it sit on my palate, I got a broad, nutty velvet taste that isn’t as fruity as I prefer and had more citrus than I expect (hence the passionfruit label).  I admit that I kind of liked it but most of my points are due to its uniqueness.  87 points

Teri: If I had to describe this bottle in one word it would be strawberry. It contained a standard fruity nose and was full of strawberry in the taste. The finish was long and semi-smooth with medium tannins. This bottle would be enjoyed by individuals who normally like medium bodied fruit forward red wines. 88 point


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