Big Ass Zin (Adler Fels) 2009

Total Wine & More, $17.99

Aaron: My overall opinion of this Zin: find a different one.  This may be a cute novelty and the bottle talks about how “big and bold” the flavor is, but when I blind tasted this I thought I was drinking a strong pinot.  The nose was fruity and I concluded that the additional scent was of healthy tree leaves (unique I guess).  The flavor was unfortunately not what I would expect for a $17 Zinfandel.  I did taste dark berries and chocolate and I admittedly enjoyed the strong sense of nutmeg, but the body was just far too light for my preference.  85 points

Teri: This Zin was perfect for my taste: fruity and smooth with a smooth beautiful finish that lingers. The nose is bold but the taste is perfect. Flavors of blackberry and raspberry sit perfectly on the palate with long smooth tannins that yields a hit of nutmeg and coco on the finish. I love the novelty label that is perfectly memorable as the wine itself. 91 points


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