Osborne Tawny Port

Total Wine and More: $14.99

Teri: This is a great middle of the road port that is easy on your budget for the 750ml size. The flavors of molasses and raisin are smooth and rich with a nice finish without a bite (surprising for the 19.5% alcohol content). The overall port has a mellow sweetness but is not sugary or overly viscus. This would be a great bottle to take to a dinner party or share with friends with dessert, nice cheeses, or appetizers. 90 points

Aaron: I’m not a huge port fan but I would drink this again.  The flavor is much more raisin than jam but there was also much less “unnecessary” sweetness.  What I mean is that while nearly all ports require some sweet flavors, this did not go overboard.  That said, there was also a nearly overpowering brandy flavor at the onset.  This dissipated after an entire glass but the drinker should be warned.  Overall, the lack of syrupy flavor was a big plus for me and earned more points than most ports would. 89 point


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