Charles Krug Cabernet Savignon 2007

Total Wine & More, $19.99

Teri: The wine is a beautiful dark purple color in the glass giving the drinker a foreshadowing of the intense flavors to come. The nose was wonderful, bold and filled with a strong sent of blackberry. On first drink the intense tannins hit your mouth and linger till all of the flavors have surpassed. The taste started with a slight musky and earthy flavor that merged afterwards into dark cherry and rhubarb. 85 points

Aaron: I found the nose of this cab to be strong and bold, mirroring its deep purple color.  I can best describe it as rounded and holistically encircling the nostrils.  I also sensed hints of cocoa and berries among a slightly earthy “aftersmell”.  As is usually the case with me, a great nose means a mediocre flavor.  The taste was notably chalky, due to the strong tannins.  this overshadowed the light berry taste.  The fruit flavor was not overripe, but not under ripe either (most people would consider that to be “ripe”, but I can’t willingly classify the flavor as ripe berries, it was just “berries” without any uniqueness).  In addition to the drying aftertaste, I had a mild sense of lingering smoke and oak, but only a hint. 86 points


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