Clos Du Bois Shiraz 2007

Brought over by friends.
Available at BevMo, $8.99 and select supermarkets  

Aaron: I’ve always found Clos Du Bois to be a good middle of the road wine.  I would definitely recommend this for new wine drinkers or to be taken to a party.  This Shiraz was more medium-bodied than I prefer but there was not too much spice – only enough to stand up to a good meal.  The flavor was not overly fruity but generally pleasant and relaxed. 86 points

Teri: This wine has a very bold nose and a full taste to match. The shiraz grape is known for its strong red fruit flavors and pepper tones and this bottle fit those descriptors perfectly. This flavor profile is not my personal favorite but I appreciate its complexity. Easily drinkable and a good choice for new or old wine drinkers. 83 points


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