Buena Vista Pinot Noir 2008

Purchased on special at Trader Joe’s, $9.99
Also available at:
Total Wine and More, $15.99
BevMo, $22.99

Aaron: I was shocked to discover this was pinot.  Had this not been a blind tasting I would have assumed somebody switched the label.  This wine was so brilliantly dark and featured a velvety medium body, both of which I normally do not associate with pinots.  The smell and taste were very similar to me, both featured some wood and nut flavors and I enjoyed the soft vanilla marbled throughout.  I was initially impressed and throughout the entire tasting my opinion did not change. 90 points

Teri: This has been a favorite bottle of mine for a while. I spied it at Trader Joe’s around valentines days for this amazing price and had to get one….wish I would have gotten more! Coming from the Carneros region of napa, this is a great area for pinot noir grapes. Buena Visa has made a great pinot containing heavy a fruit forward flavor that I would classify as strawberry and cherry and a light spice on the finish.  The wine is medium bodied with nice medium tannins that would pair well with lighter meals.  90 points


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