Ghost Pines Zinfandel 2008

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $13.49
The 2009 vintage can be found at BevMo, $19.99

Aaron: Two words: strawberry jam.  The smell, the flavor, everything – almost overwhelmingly – was a beautiful red berry jam.  This was highly evident on the nose and complemented by a slight hint of woody undertones.  The taste was very similar, featuring a bold, robust flavor that left a long, lingering finish.  I honestly could not taste any black fruits but was rather fond of what I equate to a taffy-like consistency on the palate.  Don’t take this the wrong way – this unique finish was very interesting.  I love theway it lingered on and left a thick, flavorful sensation on the tongue.  Overall I enjoyed the bottle. 93 Points

Teri: Right out of the bottle this wine is a beautiful dark ruby color. Everything we have tried from Ghost Pines has been excellent and this bottle is the best so far. This zin is full bodied but not heavy or overwhelming. It contains LOTS of strawberry flavors on both the front and back end in a semi-sweet jam taste that sits well in the mouth. I also got a little hint of oak towards the finish. If you are a fan of Pinot Noir don’t be scared by the zin label…you will love this bottle. 93 points


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