Thornton Winery Wine Tasting

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This is a MUST STOP location in Temecula for some great wines. We have not found a winery, until this one, where we loved everything we tried. The wine maker’s signature brings out heavy fruit and perfect tannins in each wine. Taste flights come with full, 2-ounce portions in each glass, so plan to spend some time here and perhaps order a little food with your tasting. As the only winery in Temecula producing sparkling wines (champagnes), you really have versatility in choosing wines to taste. More important, take your time, there are lovely areas to sit both inside and outside while you enjoy your wines so don’t be in a rush. Check out local maps or for 2 for 1 tasting coupons and use the extra money to tip the friendly staff a little more – they’re wonderful and give great advice.

Non-Vintage Brut
Teri: This was crisp and dry with a clean finish that bursts into pleasant aftertastes of apple and tropical flavors. A great sparkling wine that leaves you wanting another sip. 90 points 

Aaron: I usually enjoy bruts because they give the firm flavor I want with a nice carbonated tingle.  This however blew everything I’d had before out of the water!  I felt this was the perfect blend of mild bubbles and crisp fruit.  Moreover, the flavor was not too dry and didn’t get too sweet.  I loved the pear and apple on the palate and can honestly say this is my new favorite Brut.  95 points

2010 Chardonnay
Aaron: This is the best Chardonnay I’ve ever had.  When I tasted the crisp apple and citrus I smiled and applauded the steel tank fermentation.  What won me over however was the long, buttery finish, molding into a luscious cream and leaving the perfect memory of flavor.  The lingering sensation was long enough to savor the brilliance but used no bite – a sure win.  This was mature and round and drank like a red wine, making it the perfect white! 96 points

Teri: I have always been a fan of whites fermented in stainless steel but this one takes the cake. Lots of apricot and pear on the nose with even more flavors of apple and lemon on the palate. There are many flavors to taste but one does not overpower the other leaving it complex but pleasing. The flavor is long and lingers like many reds do but it holds its Chardonnay characteristics and remains cool and refreshing.  Aaron said it best when we were sitting there “this wine drinks like a red.” 93 points

2010 Thorny’s Coat Red
Teri: This wine combines Zin, Syrah, Tempranillo, Petite Syrah and Barbera making a complex wine that surprisingly has extremely smooth tannins. It is medium to full bodied with a small hint of spice on the finish. I think this wine would be best when paired with multiple food items as its complexity can bring out different flavors. 82 points

Aaron: I equated this smell to the jam from a strong zin.  There was lots of strawberry in the flavor and a little too much pepper for how thin the wine was.  As I thought about this I developed one of my newest measures: the pepper to body ratio (acknowledging that some pepper is critical to fuller bodied wines).  The ratio on this wine was a little out of balance but when paired with a good food it stood up to the test; I just wouldn’t drink it alone.  85 points

2010 Merlot
Teri: I was first impressed by the nose on this wine. It smelled sweet with a hit of apricot, very strange characteristic for a merlot. The taste wasn’t as sweet at I predicted from the smell but contained a multitude of red fruits and again a very very smooth finish with just a hint of spice. I think this bottle would appease a variety of wine drinkers. 87 points

Aaron: This Merlot featured a prominent raspberry on both the nose and palate.  The super smooth taste was nice for this medium bodied wine and I felt the tannins were strong enough without being overbearing.  I envision this pairing well with lighter meals because of its mellow flavor.  87 points

2010 Barbera
Teri: As a lover of the Barbera grape this one brought out flavors I didn’t even know a barbera could make! Receiving a huge whiff of strawberry for its smell, I wouldn’t have known it was a barbera unless I was told. Extremely strong fruit forward (similar to good pinot noir) of strawberry and raspberry with a medium body and smooth tannins to carry the flavor all the way until the finish. Excellent wine that I think would appease many white drinkers and lovers or pinot noir. 91 points

Aaron: Teri loves Barbera a little more than I do.  Personally I found this to be a little too light and felt the flavor dissipated before I could truly enjoy it.  I did like the smooth finish but felt the wine could use more body.  86 points

2010 Zinfandel Huis Vineyard
Teri: Fitting with all of the other wines we drank at this winery this one was no different. Lots of fruit on the nose and taste and smooth quality tannins. I would characterize this Zin as the ‘zin for non zin drinkers’ because of its strong cherry and red fruit flavors carried through from start to finish in this medium bodied red. Doesn’t provide the “kick” that Aaron likes from his zin’z but I loved it!  92 points

Aaron: For how much I adore Thorton’s Chardonnay I was somewhat disappointed with the Zin.  Overall it was pleasant but was just too medium bodied for me.  Strong jammy plum on the nose produced a slightly sweet, fruity smell and gave way to a gentle palate.  There was a bold bouquet of fruit on the taste buds but the liquid was lighter than expected.  I love the smooth finish with no pepper but there was a noticeable lack of tannins.  87 points

2010 Muscat Canelli 
Teri: This is a perfect wine to end any meal or enjoy just by itself. Lots of apricot and peach on the nose with flavors in the wine to match. Its fruit flavors linger but are not as sweet as you might expect from a muscat (a side effect from the higher alcoholic percentage 14.1%!) Next time I go back I am getting a whole glass. 91 points 

Aaron:  This was not bad for a sweeter wine – mostly because it wasn’t too sweet.  I honestly felt like I was drinking a thick chardonnay (though to be clear for a sweet wine this was not thick or syruppy).  The strong apricot nose was enjoyable and like most of the wines from Thornton the palate was mellow and pleasant.  88 points


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