Gnarled Vine Pinot Grigio 2010

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $4.99

Aaron:  Like most of our readers, Teri and I are on a budget so when we find $5.00 wines with decent reviews we want to try them.  While this wasn’t horrible, It wasn’t spectacular.  My best description is “Easy to drink, hard to enjoy”.  I say this generally because the flavor disappeared too quickly for me.  The light nose featuring melon fruits and some oak predicated the subtle flavor.  I was intrigued by the slight oily consistency – not buttery, but oily – and enjoyed the creaminess.  There was a light cantaloupe flavor with no apple or citrus on the palate, so I could have used a little more, but for five bucks I can’t complain.  86 Points

Teri: This is a great bottle for the price. Nothing spectacular but has some great qualities if you are on a budget. The pinot grigio is light and semi-medium bodied with a shorter lingering flavor. I received an abundance of lemon, tart apple and cantaloupe from the taste. Smooth from start to finish with bright acidity. 83 points


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