Confectioner’s Chocolate Red Wine

We found this bottle at a Tip Top Meats market in Carlsbad for $13 dollars. The name and label sounded enticing…so we decided to give it a try. The winery, housed in Walla Walla Washington, makes a set of sweeter wines related to standard confectioner/bakery goods. You can find this wine at various retailers and websites (including Amazon and Total Wine & More) ranging from $7-$15.

Aaron: Prepare to be shocked, this smelled like chocolate and tasted like … chocolate.  Go figure!  Beyond the obvious, the smell was extremely potent and had a nice hint of blueberry complementing the strong chocolate aroma.  The taste was quite enjoyable (for a sweet wine) and also featured chocolate covered blueberries.  This wine was extremely thick and creamy with strong flavor.  It was not syrupy, but was very sweet.  In my opinion, this is kind of “showy” and might be trying a little too hard to be unique which ostracizes traditional drinkers but it is fun to drink and share as a novelty item.  88 points

Teri:  The aroma was strong but not overpowering and distinctly reminded me of the chocolate aroma from my childhood scratch and sniff stickers. The wine itself is light and sweet but not overpowering or viscus. It contains a strong coco/chocolate taste with light tannins and a soft finish. I also agree with Aaron about the taste of blueberry (or maybe acai) within the flavor. This is a nice dessert wine to pair with chocolate or have as a stand alone. Great for a girls night or other novelty event. I could also see this as a great gift for any chocolate lover! Overall fun to drink! 89 points


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