Bogle Merlot 2009

Purchased from Stater Bros, $6.99
Also available at:
Total Wine & More, $6.97
BevMo, $8.99

Teri: Overall this wine was pretty standard and middle of the road. It contains light tannins with a short burst of raspberry and oak flavor that does not linger longs. Cheaper but not really worth purchasing, in my opinion.  79 points

Aaron: I was very dissapointed with this bottle. I have had Bogle before and usually enjoy its reliability. This might be vintage specific, but I found the nose to be earthy and overly dirty with dry leaves and not much fruit.  Similarly, the taste was thin and bland leaving much to be desired. Worst of all, however was the chaulky aftertaste left by the high tannins. Overall, not what I expect from this winemaker. 78 Points


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