Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut

Total Wine & More, $7.49
BevMo, $9.99

Aaron: This Brut had a strong, bold flavor.  It was notably dry with solid notes of crisp apple and stood up well on the palate.  Though not particularly smooth throughout, this was a pleasant drink and I enjoyed drinking it during dinner.  I distinctly noted a kick on the first sip and again at the swallow which I feel is important for sparkling wines.  Most important, for the price, this is an easy way impress someone one. 89 Points

Teri: This is a great sparkling wine with lots of apple and pear favors that linger favorably. It also had a pleasant caramel scent in the nose and flavor which added to its complexity. This bottle would be great for beginning sparkling wine drinkers and reasonable enough to take one or more to a party. 85 points