Blue Fin Pinot Noir 2011

Trader Joe’s, $3.99

Aaron:  Even for those winos who like pinots I would not recommend this wine.  Overall, this tasted young and tart.  The prominent flavor was cranberry, which to me is not appealing for a wine.  Beyond this, the wine was far too light and there just wasn’t a lot going on. 70 points

Teri: Reflecting it’s very light red color this pinot was very light on the taste with a predominant cranberry flavor. Overall it’s taste is young and dissipates very rapidly in the mouth. Not an expensive bottle of wine but would recommend picking up something else. 75 points


6 thoughts on “Blue Fin Pinot Noir 2011

  1. Must have had some cooked bottles.

    It gets rated elsewhere at 87 to 93 points.

    I have had several bottles and I find it a well made pinot and would rate it 86.

  2. Thanks for the comment! We greatly appreciate our readers chiming in with their opinions. We will purchase another bottle the next time we're at Trader Joe's to re rate. Thanks again!

    Teri and Aaron

  3. My experience with the 2011 matches that of Aaron and Teri. I rarely discard a bottle of wine and I did with this one. I have had Blue Fin Pinot in the past and enjoyed it as a decent low-end wine. Maybe those were from different vintages or maybe there is a quality-control problem that affected some of the 2011s.

  4. Thanks for the comment; glad to know we aren't crazy!

    We anticipate there were inconsistencies with some of the 2011 bottles. This is understandable because the Blue Fin is so widely produced (classic quality vs. quantity). That said, we did get another bottle and will be reposting our thoughts soon. Thanks for following the blog and feel free to comment as desired!

    Teri and Aaron

  5. Thanks for your input! Though the Blue Fin isn't our favorite, we agree it is a great value. As we all know, there are some times that is the most important factor. Thanks for reading!

    Teri and Aaron

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