Scheid Isabella Sparkling Wine 2008 (our 50th post!!!)

Purchased from the Scheid Vineyards Tasting Room off the 5 freeway. ($45)

My friend, Lauren, and I (Teri) had a lovely time in this tasting room with a kind gentleman behind the bar named Dave. I was excited to bring home this bottle home for Aaron to try and post to the website.

Aaron:  I’m a big fan of sparkling wines and I enjoyed this very much.  The smell was almost sweet and presented a strong, citrus bouquet.  The taste contrasted this smell, boasting apricot and strawberries with only a hint of sweetness.  I love the lingering finish and spent a lot of time trying to determine what other flavor held up the body of this wine.  After much debate with Teri, I concluded it was some kind of oak or nut which paired well with the fruits.  I would certainly recommend this for a trial, especially if you already like sparkling wines.  90 Points

Teri: I cheated because I tasted this wine while in the tasting room but opening it up once more reaffirmed my choice. This sparkling wine is a nice mix of pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes yielding a bright caramel color with a light carmel and orange smell to match. The carbonation brings out a richness in the almond, orange-lemon flavor that lingers on the palate over a smooth finish. This would be a great celebratory bottle to open and complex but pleasant flavors that would please a wide variety of individuals. 91 points 

 Special thanks to Dave from the Scheid Vineyards tasking room for making the stop a pleasant one! I would go back any time I could! 


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