Kiwi Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Total Wine & More, $8.99
Various retailers, $8-$12

Aaron: I bought this from Total Wine because we needed more white wines on the blog.  Generally I was satisfied, but not overly impressed.  There was a dominant citrus smell, mirrored by the crisp flavor.  I felt a strong zing of white fruits on the palate with a notable lack of creaminess.  Throughout the glass there were notes of apple, lemon and orange flavors which were pleasant but not overly exciting.  This wasn’t bad but there are better whites out there.  87 Points

Teri: This wine is crisp, light, and refreshing with a light nose of apple and lemon. The flavors are rich and smooth as they hit the palate and finish with a long lingering finish. I tasted a lot of apple, lemon, and grapefruit within this wine and would love to drink it on a hot day with a wonderful and rich salad. 89 points


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