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This was our first time in the Temecula area to do some wine tasting and we were very excited. Our first stop was the Bel Vino Winery (formerly Stuart Cellars) resting on one of the beautiful ridges of Rancho California Road. We purposely chose different wines because this vineyard featured an outstanding variety.  Even between the two of us we could not have tasted every type, but we were pleasantly surprised that for a reasonable price we each got 6 tastes.  Our opinions below:

2010 White Merlot
Teri: This was the first time I had seen a blush done with another grape other than Zinfandel. This White Merlot still carried a lot of the same flavors you get from the Merlot grape but with additional flavors of sweet raspberry and strong floral tones. The nose was crisp carrying lots of grapefruit. 87 points

2010 Riesling
Teri: The Riesling has a very pleasant nose with smells of sweet pea flowers and peaches. I loved the strong apricot taste that lingered just enough with a crisp smooth finish. This is sure to be a favorite of white wine drinkers. 91 points

2009 Malbec, Limited Reserve
Aaron: To be honest, most of this wine’s points come from its smell.  The bouquet is magnificently fruity with strong vanilla and a bold brilliance.  Unfortunately, this smell subdues into a flavor which was not as full as expected or desired.  I tasted lighter fruits and though the finish was smooth it just didn’t stay long enough.  In my opinion, I felt like I was drinking a white – not because of the flavors but because of the finish and quick release of flavor.  84 points
2006 Cabernet Franc, Estate Reserve
Aaron: I was excited to try this Cab Franc and it was the first glass of my tasting.  The nose boasted a slight jammy smell with notes of raspberry and strawberry.  Sadly, this was not mirrored in the taste which was airy with hints of pepper.  Overall, too light for me.  85 points
2009 Merlot, Vintner’s Select
Aaron: By the time I got to this Merlot I almost expected a pleasant smell followed by a lacking flavor.  What started as a heavy jam and prune on the nose melted away to a light, medium bodied flavor.  There were mild tannins and strangely these were the primary flavor. 82 Points
2007 Lagrein, Vintner’s Special Reserve 
Teri: This is a varietal that I had not tried before. It contained a fruity nose with very smooth fruit forward flavors (lots of dark berries) that melted into a lingering earthy finish. Similar to other Italian varietals with a little bit more fruit flavor than a syrah. 87 points

Aaron: Like Teri I had never even heard of this varietal before, so I had to try it.  I enjoyed the chocolaty smell and felt the creamy smoothness of the flavor was a nice complement.  There was not as much fruit as I need but I was pleased with the medium tannins and the complete lack of bite.  That said, this wine needed something else – just a little something – to make it a winner.  86 points

2008 Zinfandel, Lopez Ranch – Old Vine Zin
Teri: The sweet nose on this wine was extremely different from the taste. I would describe it as medium bodied (opposed to most Zins that are normally full bodied) with some fruit flavors similar to currants and finishing with pepper. 83 points

Aaron: I was surprised by the noticeably short legs on this Zin – though this prepared me for a dissapointly medium body.  I loved the strong jam and creamy vanilla smell then moved to my first few sips.  There was an enjoyable fruit forward flavor coupled with a slight, almost sweet pepper which was interesting.  The primary taste in my opinion was blackcurrant which was a tad overpowering but went well.  I felt the tannins were effective and the flavor was nice however for the price ($45) I want something with a full body..  89 points

2009 Long Valley Red, Ltd Estate Reserve
Teri: This is a blend of 5 varietals (Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec). I found this wine interesting but not anything out of the ordinary. It had a strong fruit nose with a nice blend of earthy and fruit flavors. Medium bodied with a medium to light finish. 85 points

2004 Zinfandel Port 
Teri: Wonderful port! Rich but not to sweet. Flavors of raisin, caramel and semi sweet coco. This pairs well with chocolate or is a great stand alone. 93 points 

Aaron: For a port, this was excellent.  The nose was powerful with a full brandy and jam combination.  The rich flavor was not syrupy and the pleasant flavor gave way to a rich brandy sensation quickly.  Overall, I would highly recommend this – it was easily the best wine of the tasting. 92 Points


2 thoughts on “Bel Vino (Formerly Stuart Cellars)

  1. July 22 – my sisters friend gave me a bottle of Lagrein 2007. Looking forward to share this with my son and his new wife. R Blaha

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