Cruz Alta Reserve Malbec 2010

Featuring a guest post by Aunt Donna!

Purchased from Total Wine & More: $10.99

Aaron: I was so excited to try this Malbec! When I read the description it seemed to fit everything I look for in a nice full-bodied red, unfortunately the flavors were pretty bland and left me wanting more.  The nose was unique and full, almost vicious, but was interesting.  The flavor however was severely lacking.  There was an abundance of earthy notes, specifically dirt and tobacco – not my preference at all – finishing with a smokey oak.  Though smooth on the finish with no harshness, I found the overall flavor to be too mild and would not get this again.  82 Points

Teri: This wine heavily reflects the surrounding climate the grapes were grown in. The taste is very earthy with strong flavors of leaves, smoke, and tobacco. For as full bodied as it said it was I found the flavors to be short lived (although I wasn’t complaining because they weren’t my cup of tea). If you prefer the earthy flavors this wine may be for you but my taste buds lean towards the fruity flavors. 79 points

Auntie: This was the first time I’ve ever had a Malbec, but I was not crazy about this.  Personally, I didn’t find it smooth or flavorful as the label claimed, rather the flavor seemed harsh.  I would have much preferred a milder flavor however honestly I could not pinpoint what I tasted.  The flavors seemed muddied and unpleasant to my palate making it hard to determined exactly what I didn’t like.  That said, there was a a significant lack of fruit flavors and when looking for a nice red wine, I definitely want something more pleasant.  85 points


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