Cupcake Red Velvet 2010

Cupcake Red Velvet. Given as a graduation present from my friend Julie Nguyen. Thanks Julie!

BevMo, $8.99
Total Wine, $7.97
Also commonly found at Target, Costco, and local supermarkets.

Aaron:  This could have been better, so cupcake is 0 for 2 for me so far (check out our other post about a Cupcake Chard!).  The bouquet of mixed berries and chocolate was nice, but the taste was bland and flat – nowhere near what the smell predicated.  There were some vanilla and fruit flavors during the swallow but not enough.  84 points

Teri: I don’t fully agree with Aaron on this one, although this one did leave me wanting just a bit more. For something titled ‘red velvet’ the flavor is somewhat rich but doesn’t last long. I would much rather be eating the calories from the actual cupcake over sipping on this. This doesn’t mean that it is bad…just not what I expected from Cupcake vineyards (I love their Chardonnay!) The flavors this wine did have was of red berries with a slight mocha finish. I would call it medium bodied with mild tannins but it would have been much better if the flavors went somewhere rather than just going away. 86 points 


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