Les Portes de Bordeaux 2009

This bottle was enjoyed with our two friends, Matt and Liz, paired with a great homemade Italian dinner!

Can find at various wine retailers and online between $9.99-$25.

Aaron: To date, this is my favorite French wine.  I generally find these to be too earthy for my palate and prefer a more fruit-forward flavor, however this Bordeaux was exquisite.  There was a gentle blueberry and chocolate smell (though not as potent as our “Chocolate Wine” from earlier) which was pleasant and set up the smooth flavor.  I enjoyed the sensation of caramel throughout, complemented by a velvety vanilla.  There was a slight tang and bite on the swallow with just a hint of pepper, but this did not detract from the enjoyment of this bottle.  Great pick Matt and Liz!  92 Points

Teri: I agree with Aaron, this is the best French bottle I have enjoyed to date. Filled with red fruits and a slight sweet smell, this bordeaux starts slow with full round subtle fruits with a smokey and oaky medium body. The wine is earthy but more subtle than other bordeaux I have tasted in the past. It is overall a nice blend of fruit and earth. 88 points


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