Honey Bunch Chardonnay 2010

Purchased from Trader Joe’s, $5.99

Aaron:  The bright, vibrant smell on this chardonnay was attractive and prepared the drinker for the rich, creamy flavor.  The wine was smooth with pear and possibly some apricot and peach.  Overall this was drinkable and enjoyable.  I admit, when I bought the bottle I expected a honey flavor (winery name) … don’t be fooled, there is none, but the wine is soothing and easy to enjoy with others.  91 points

Teri: This was a delightful Chardonnay, fun to drink and comes in an adorable bottle. The bottle has a light crisp nose filled with citrus and apple. The taste matches the smell with strong nodes of lemon and a finish of cantaloupe and possible some lichee undertones. Yumm! Very full flavors for a white wine. 91 points.