Bogle Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel 2009

Costco, $7.99
Total Wine & More, $7.97
BevMo, $8.99

Recommended by our “unofficial editor in chief”, Laila!  In addition to being a vino lover, Laila is a superstar with details and without her, Aaron would have never made it through his MBA.  Great recommendation!

Aaron: Bogle did a nice job with this.  Old vine zins bleed flavor and this did not disappoint.  The smooth, warm smell was a nice predictor of what was to come and molded nicely into the intense, fruit-forward palate.  This featured tons of raspberry and vanilla and just enough oak on the finish to complete the rounded flavor.  Finishing smooth, this wine  was very, very nice and deserves a try.  92 points

Teri: This is a great priced old vine zin with lots of great flavors. I admit, we did speed up the decanting a bit by using the Vinturi but letting this bottle sit for about an hour before drinking would do the same thing. Decanting opened up the bottle into some nice warm blackberry and vanilla flavors with just a hint of oak. Extremely fruit forward on the taste. Great for those who like bold reds! 90 points


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