Jam Jar Moscato 2011

Cost Plus World Market, $8.99
Total Wine & More, $7.99

Aaron: Super chilled on a hot day – perfect!  The bright smell of this Moscato mirrored strawberries with some peach and mango and (as expected) was pretty sweet.  The flavor was very thick and syrupy with a slight tingle on the tongue.  This was followed by an overpowering peach taste which was intense but fortunately not horribly sweet, making this relatively pleasant.  This is a great buy for the hot summer months.  89 points

Teri: This light bodied wine was delicious! Orange and citrus nodes fill the mouth with light tastes of apricot and honey. Great for a stand alone or with a meal. Those with a sweet tooth will really love the sweeter nodes this Moscato brings. 90 points


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