Thorton Chardonnay

Purchased from Thorton Wineries in Temecula Valley, $19 dollars

Aaron: As noted in our original post about Thorton Wineries, this Chard was fantastic.  The crisp nose was broad and compelling.  This bled into one of the thickest, creamiest, butteriest white wines I’ve ever heard of (clearly these are good things to me).  I did sense some lingering citrus on the lasting flavor which remains long after the swallow.  This is one of the most important qualities for wine in my opinion because it truly lets the drinker savor and appreciate all the work that went into creating this piece of art.  Coupled with a smooth swallow and full flavor, this is still my favorite white wine.  94 points

Teri: This wine is beautiful! Great rich smell with a taste to match. Fermented in stainless steel gives this wine strong nodes of apple and pear with some honeysuckle and a hint of lavender. It also has an unusually long finish for a white wine with perfect smooth tannins. 93 points


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