Artesa Pinot Noir Block 91D 2008

This bottle was bought in Napa and saved as a celebratory wine for Teri completing her Master’s degree! Price…well…too much to mention.

Artesa Website

Artesa is known for their award winning Pinots and this bottle (limited production, only 250 cases) has taken double gold at international fine wine competitions.  

Aaron: The nose on this pinot opened with bold and vibrant smells of berries and bark, followed by a slight bitterness.  The aggressive smell was followed by a thick flavor with smooth tannins.  Mild fruits highlighted the fullness, underscoring black currant and raspberries.  I specifically did not notice any blackberries but still found the flavor to be very pleasant.  Unlike some wines, this was not “too easy” to drink which allowed for full enjoyment and savoring of the vintage.  The aftertaste was great and most important, the flavor lingered for the perfect length of time.  93 points

Teri: The bottle was delightful when we tried it in Napa and just as good when we opened it for our celebration. The smell is light but fruity with heavy cherry and strawberry. The wine overall is very full bodied for a pinot with extremely smooth tannins and very nice legs that linger down the glass. I taste strong flavors of strawberry, current, cherry, and a hit of oak on the finish. Consistent flavor because the grapes come from the same block of the vineyard. Expensive but worth every cent. 94 points


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