Cline Zinfandel 2010

Trader Joe’s, $8.49
Total Wine & More, $8.99
BevMo, $9.99

Aaron: I was excited when I first smelled the rich, full berries and spice on this zin.  Cocoa and vanilla flavors flooded the mouth while oak and berries rounded out the mild tannins.  The wine was nice but admittedly not as full as expected from the label.  It is great for pairing with powerful foods though.  91 points

Teri: A common name, Cline has made a distinct and quality Zinfandel. Classic to most Zins, this wine carries dark fruit smells, a rich dark color, and nice long legs. Heavy tastes of plum, oak, and spice with a long blackberry finish. It is bold and full. 89 points 


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