Flying Heart Red Wine 2011

Trader Joe’s, $4.99
Suggested by Jim, Trader Joe’s “wine guy”

Aaron:  I got a lot of boysenberry from this wine.  It had a light smell but was very fruity and a bit tart on the nose.  The flavor was extremely sweet with lots of very ripe fruit, making it very easy to drink and almost a dessert wine.  There was no spice or earth, nothing really except berries so it wasn’t very complex but it tasted good and would be great for new wine drinkers.  88 points

Teri: Bottled in Napa Valley, this red is slightly sweet but not overpowering. Carrying flavors of plum, jam, and blackberries, it’s smooth flavor is not overly complex and pairs great with BBQ.  89 points


2 thoughts on “Flying Heart Red Wine 2011

  1. Hi, I was looking for the Flying Heart and it directed me to your website. So I would like to get the information about this particular wine, where can I buy them…Do they still exist?
    Thank you in advance for your reply to my message. And I like your website…it’s cool.

    Lisa T.

    • Hi Lisa. The 2011 Flying Heart Red was an exclusive only to Trader Joes. It was produced by the custom and private label winery, Fior di Sole (they also produce Spiral wines), located in Napa Valley, California. I am unsure it Trader Joes’s is still selling it, but your local TJs would be the best place to look and ask the staff.

      Thanks for stopping by our site!

      Cheers, Aaron and Teri.

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