Wild Horse Merlot 2009

Fry’s Supermarket, $12.99
Total Wine & More, $10.99
BevMo, $12.99

Aaron:  I felt this merlot had a stronger smell than most and combined lots of blueberries with cocoa.  The flavor was a little thin for me but with enough tannins to leave a lingering memory after the swallow.  I didn’t taste any earthiness but noticed some mixed berry.  Overall, this could have used some more aging to smooth out a little.  87 points

Teri: Common to most merlots, this bottle has full fruit smells with smooth flavors. This bottle could use a bit of time to decant before enjoying as I did catch a bit of a bite on the aftertaste. It is a nice, middle of the road wine that would complement a lot of foods. 88 points 


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