Three Knights Merlot 2007

Trader Joes, $6.99

Aaron:  Definite thumbs up on this wine, especially for chocolate lovers.  The smell was intense, featuring bright, sharp and intense rays of chocolate covered berries.  The short legs were misleading as the flavor was robust and full of chocolate mocha which was most noticeable on the aftertaste.  There were certainly cherries intertwined with the flavor and once the bite from the swallow wore off all attention was redirected to the tongue which was left with rich, mildly tannic memories of chocolate and vanilla.  90 points

Teri: Trader Joe’s has found a wonderful bottle and sells it for an even better price. Containing a bright strong taste that I found to have a slight sweetness, this Merlot contains an exquisite mist of berries, rubarb, and coco. It would pair wonderfully with meats and rich pasta sauces.   91 points


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