Blue Fin Petite Sirah 2011

Trader Joes, $3.99

Aaron:  This gets points for the price – as much as I love high quality wines there’s something to be said for affordability (especially at the rate we go through bottles!).  I enjoyed the strong smell of vanilla and almond and was won over by the creamy flavor.  Vanilla and blueberries overwhelmed the palate but the flavor was not very velvety like I expected.  There was a slight bite on the after-burn, which I credit mostly to the age, but it was still good.  91 points

Teri: I am always a little skeptical when a grape like Petite Sirah has a low price tag but this bottle is impressive. With a full dark red color and a strong smell of rich dark berries this wine surprisingly carries a smooth soft flavor for a petite sirah. Hints of blackberry, cranberry, and vanilla blend nicely on the palate creating a smooth medium finish in tannins without the punch. The finish doesn’t last too long but for the price this is a great buy. 90 points


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