Su Vino Winery Wine Tasting

Su Vino Winery, Phoenix AZ

Recently moving to Arizona, Teri purchased a Groupon for this winery/tasting room located in Scottsdale, AZ. The winery featured the ability to create your own personal bottles with selected custom characteristics.

Teri: I love unoaked Chardonnays…so I had to try theirs. This Chard carried nice long legs with tastes of apricot and lemon. A strong full body for a white with the classic full fruit flavors of an unoaked chardonnay. 87 points  
Aaron:  There was a tart, crisp smell of apricot and apple followed by a tangy flavor.  This was not smooth enough and had too much grass on the taste for me.  It lingered in the mouth, but that was not a good thing.  81 points

Peachy Keen
Teri: As a fan of fruit flavors, this summer delight was distinct and wonderful. Light and refreshing smell and taste of peach with a crisp finish, this is a great summer wine. Relaxing outdoors would be a perfect place to bring this chilled bottle. 90 points

Pinot Noir
Teri: A nice deep flavor gives this pinot some strong points with me. Dark cherries and berries blend well with a hint of oak and vanilla. 90 points 

Aaron:  This merlot had a nice nose and was full of fruit.  Plum and raisin with a little honey introduced a dry flavor which was dark and warm.  Cocoa, nuts and oaks clouded the palate.  87 points

Cabernet Sauvignon:
Aaron: The mild smell on this Cab was hard to pinpoint.  It had a dry, spicy flavor but a surprisingly smooth finish.  Good body and tannins complemented oak-wrapped blueberries.  86 points

Teri: This syrah had a nose that carried both fruit and oak. With medium legs I tasted the classic syrah characteristics of spice with some dark berries and licorice. Overall, not my favorite. 86 points 

This zin was just too light.  Plum and raspberry on the thin nose were nothing like the vanilla and cocoa flavor.  There was a bitterness on the swallow similar to too much bite.  This was just dry and harsh.  82 points

Bella Rosa:
This was a custom wine which was supposed to be big and full.  I felt it was too dry and featured a sharp flavor but surprisingly smooth swallow.  It was tingly and tasted young and bland with only moderate fruits.  83 points

Porto Coco:
Chocolate port? Yes, please! This is a sipper wine with strong taste of sweet chocolate followed by a slightly bitter berry and raisin taste. It was on the heavier side in viscosity similar to maple syrup. Good but I definitely could not drink too much. 88 points


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