Hybrid Petite Sirah 2007

Purchased from The Bistro (Royal Hawaiian Coffee & Wine Company) in Prescott, AZ for $9.00

Aaron: Awesome.  Just awesome.  In case you didn’t hear me, THIS WINE IS AWESOME!  I was so happy with the overall package from this wine and recommend it to anyone who’s interested in a little adventure and definitely all those who love big wines.  I admit, when we bought this, I was just looking for any petite sirah and was excited to try a reasonably aged vintage.  What blew my mind was the mix of Viognier with the big reds that make this a true “hybrid”.  I don’t know how they came up with this, but they earned points \in my book. The pepper on the nose was quickly replaced with raspberry and cherry which was very pleasant.  However the real kicker was the smooth flavor, which was literally something to write home about.  Hints of mocha with cherry and black currant weave across the palate creating a powerful taste but are complemented by a perfectly mellow finish.  If you can find this … buy it!  95 points

Teri: This is a great concept made into a fantastic bottle. 75% petite Sirah, 15% Syrah, 10% Viognier makes a well rounded full red with full and super smooth tannins. This bottle carries the great Lodi characteristics of full zins but the 10% of the white Viognier blends nicely to take out any harsh bite associated with the full bodies petite sirah grape. Dark plum on the smell and lots of full flavors of black currant and spice! 93 points


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