Blue Fin Pinot Noir -2nd Bottle

After a few comments about the Blue Fin Pinot Noir we decided to re-purchase and try this bottle again.

Trader Joe’s, $3.99

Aaron:  Was this as bad as the first bottle we tried? No.  Was it good?  No.  Tart cranberry and strawberry were present on the smell but adapted to a mild taste.  It was a little tart with fruits and berries and landed somewhere in between thin and full (helpful, I know!)  There was a slight burn on the swallow and really not a great finish.  82 points

Teri: After the woody/oak smell the wine itself is very light for a pinot in both color and taste. It has medium to short legs with a light flavor and a medium finish. I tasted a lot of strawberry with some raspberry. This bottle may have been better than the first one we tried but overall not my favorite pinot although great for the price. 85 points 

Click HERE for the link to the first posting


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