Thistle Dew Chardonnay – Verdilho

Cost Plus World Market, $6.99

Aaron: Impressed I was not … this Chard smelled earthy and oaky with a lot of stems attached to green apples.  It had a smooth, buttery taste (contrasting the smell) with some mild fruits and enough tannins to matter, but honestly it was not that flavorful.  Most of my points are derived from being “full” for a white.  87 points

Teri: This white from Australia has a smell slightly chemical with some tropical fruits but the actual taste was superb. Smooth with flavors of pineapple, citrus, and mango/lemon that lingered into a delightful aftertaste of lemon and green apple. If you can get over the smell, the taste is very good. This bottle would be great with light salads, cheese, and fruits. 87 points


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