Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel 2007

Cost Plus World Market, $21.99 (Sale $15.99)

2007 Vintage earned 98 points, Double Gold in the 2012 California State Fair Wine Competition.

Aaron:  Buy this wine!  The nose was tangy with raspberry, plum and pine nuts, but was not predicative of the taste at all.  The flavor was rich and jammy with tons of chocolate.  It sat like silk in the mouth and finished with a velvety swallow and only a slight bite.  The rich and creamy chocolate flavors overpowered the berries but this was really a great bottle.  93 points

Teri:  This is the best wine I have ever tasted from Lodi (which produces some great bottles). Starting with a great mild smell of dark fruits and chocolate, the flavor follows (rich and jammy) with plum raspberry and coco. The entire experience is silky smooth and full of flavor. We decanted this bottle for about 4 hours which added to the creamy like flavors. This wine is bold enough to stand up to strong grilled meats and strong flavored meals but also great enough to be enjoyed alone. 94 points