Granite Creek Vineyards Wine Tasting

Granite Creek Vineyards, Prescott AZ

A beautiful site to relax and enjoy some wine, Granite Creek was a must visit once we moved to Arizona. With live music on the weekends, Aaron and I enjoyed our tastings with entertainment included. (note, read to the end, the wines get better).

Il Cantico Pinot Grigio
Teri: This is a great summer outdoor wine with a sweet smell and light flavor.  I tasted a lot of melon and lemon with a hint of butter on the finish. 86 points
Aaron: Crisp, bright and almost bitter smell, this white had a thin and light flavor which was dull.  There was some green apple but mostly dirty mud, not the best.  81 points

2008 Chardonnay
Teri: My first impression of this wine was the nice bright yellow color. Buttery and honey-citrus flavors were followed by lots of lemon and this was not my favorite chardonnay but it was unique. 83 points  
Aaron:  The deep yellow color was intriguing, the wine was not.  I enjoyed the rich cantaloupe smell, but the taste was dirty with lots of wood and bark.  There was a sharp tingle but no bite. 79 points

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
Teri: This cab had a sweet cherry finish very different from its raisin smell. Medium bodied with a long an lingering finish I could easily enjoy a whole glass of this by itself or with a meal. 90 points 
Aaron: My points are awarded for the smell, literally, I could smell this wine all day.  Rich, jammy, chocolate covered blueberries surrounded the nostrils, but the taste was young and far too crisp.  I expected much more flavor and a much longer finish.  This could be good with some aging.  86 points

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
Teri: After being in the bottle a bit longer Granite Creek’s Cabernet becomes an even better wine with a great smell and even more cherry flavors. Dark blueberries add to the flavor with an extremely long finish. 91 points  
Aaron: The rich smell of cherry and mocha with vanilla undertones was great and while the flavor was very smooth it lacked some traditional berry flavor.  There was no bite and gentle tannins gave the flavor good length.  Overall, this was calm enough for the masses but complex enough for the snobs.  89 points

Superstition Gold Riesling 
Teri: I am a huge fan of summer wines, riesling included. The Superstition Gold had a slight hint of sweetness with balanced acidity. Light apricot, lemon, and pineapple make a great summer sipping wine to go with salad or just to be enjoyed alone. 91 points  
Aaron:  This was the best of what we tried.  Apricot was dominated by sugar on the smell and the palate was smooth and sweet featuring apricot and pear.  There was a good balance of sweetness with just a bit of tang at the finish.  I particularly noticed pink apples and some tropical fruits.  92 points 



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