Rombauer, Joy of Wine Late Harvest Chardonnay 2006

Purchased at the Rombauer tasting room in napa, $50 (but sooo worth it!)

Teri: Absolutely amazing! Apricot bliss! This wine is a great after dinner drink being smooth, sweet, and full of flavor but not too heavy. Sweet flavors of apricot marmalade fill your palate with a smooth light hint of vanilla and lavender.  This wine can be enjoyed slowly after dinner or drizzled on some vanilla ice cream for a spectacular dessert! 98 points 

Aaron: Wow. (do I have to post more than that?) This wine is incredible. If you’re in Napa, spend the $50 and buy a bottle – I know it seems extreme but frankly this is incredible. The apricot, peach and vanilla smell were mirrored by the luscious flavor. For a sweet wine this was full, rich and (enjoyably) outlandish. Bursting with syrupy apricot, this richly smooth wine tastes like a dessert in itself. While I don’t necessarily like sweet wines, this was the perfect combination of thick and creamy flavors. 95 points


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