Napa Cellars Chardonnay 2010

Cost Plus World Market, $15.99
BevMo, $16.99
Total Wine & More, $13.99

Aaron: I don’t know if we are just getting lucky or are starting to identify the better bottles, but this was part of a set of great picks.  The nutty smell only had mild notes of fruit but the flavor really won me over.  I literally felt the wine transition from cream and vanilla to a comprehensive fruit basket as it sat on my tongue.  This wine tastes great and finishes smooth.  93 points

Teri: This is a great Chardonnay! With a medium smell of lemon and pear the body of the wine is warm, smooth, and full. Creamy and buttery undertones pair perfectly with the flavors of lemon, cantaloupe, and vanilla.  Everything blends together to be a great chardonnay for any wine drinker. 92 points


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